Cleopatra’s Mountain

A Screenplay by

Andrew Lansdale

A ball-busting American entrepreneur, Carla Valentine, has a bee in her bonnet. Her business conglomerate is incomplete and she has an ambition to become the ‘darling of Wall Street’. She sets her sights on a private business enterprise, owned by an even more private and reclusive businessman. His subsidiary companies would neatly dovetail into Carla’s, but he is a reluctant suitor.

At their first meeting, they take an instant dislike to each other. She calls him arrogant and overbearing. He calls her plastic and a fraud, a cosmeticly-manufactured sham.

This meeting ends with much antagonism. He told her the only way to sort it out was for the real ‘him’ and the real ‘her’ to go on a camping trip in the mountains: jeans, tee-shirts, tents and no make-up, frilly underwear or similar accoutrements. “Hell would freeze over first,” she screams at him.

But the next scene sees them embarking on their adventure with hiking boots, rucksacks and little else.  Will their real selves get on together or will the alliance be a non-starter?

Only time will tell.

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