Andrew Lansdale

Winner of the 2006 News Journalist of the Year award


At the age of 18 months he broke his leg trying to play with a policeman’s bicycle.   At the age of six he lost his best friend and constant companion. At the age of forty-five he became a novelist and later, a journalist. He won the 2006 News Journalist of the Year award, and now spends his time at his home on an island on the River Thames or on his yacht Saving Grace in Chichester Harbour.

A great deal happened between six and forty-five; ranging from two and a half years on a three-masted training ship and seven years as a Cadet and Deck Officer in the Merchant Navy. He attended Sydney University and worked in Bangkok, in Tokyo and in Hong Kong: But he has always wanted to write.

Life has been full of colour from travelling across India by train in high summer and being in Zanzibar during its nasty civil war. He has rattled across Sri Lanka in an old Victorian polished mahogany-panelled carriage pulled by an elderly steam locomotive in the steamy monsoons and ridden out typhoons in the South China Sea.

He has been mocked and chanted at by a million Red Guards in Shanghai during the Cultural Revolution and at the other end of the decibel scale, spent numerous solitary vigils watchkeeping on ship's bridges in the middle of the Pacific in the quietness of the night.

'The tongue is not enough to say and the hand is not enough to write of all the beauties of the sea'
Wrote Christopher Columbus in 1492.

In fact life has been a long and eventful journey. Just when he feels that he has settled onto a permanent course to steer, his life moves in a different direction and a new existence starts, like a dream strangely coming true.

Fulfilling his desire to write, Andrew has written several novels, the most prominent of which 'Julius Raphael's Diary' was published in the USA and was released in October 2004. His second, 'The Devil and the Deep' appeared in print in the USA in 2006. His third ‘Life Uncovered’, appeared the next year. It describes the life of a disfunctional family, where the author draws from personal experience.

He has written episodes for a TV comedy series and a screenplay, ‘Cleopatra's Mountain’; a film for audiences in the USA. He has been responsible for editing books such as The Admiralty Manual of Seamanship, The Admiralty Manual of Navigation and Casualty Management Guidelines for The Nautical Institute and sixteen text books for the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, of which he is a Fellow.

He has been a keen supporter of the Old Worcester’s Yacht Club whose members are drawn from the ranks of ex-cadets from the training ship HMS Worcester.

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'Those who go down to the sea in ships and occupy their business in great waters, they have seen the wonders of the deep and the glories of the Lord thereof.'
Psalm 107